Phillip Defazio

Phillip DeFazio is one of the proud owners of DeFazio Painting. Throughout his life, Phillip dreamt of becoming an FBI agent. Not once, did he believe he would be the one running his fathers business that was established nearly thirty five years ago. During the year of 2010, Phillip's father, George DeFazio passed away at the age of 54. due to a sudden heart attack. This was the most difficult transition he had ever faced. After careful thought, Phillips mother, brothers, and sisters made the bold decision to continue their fathers legacy.


While running the business, keeping his crews moving, and making sure clients remain satisfied, he also holds a full time employment position for the Sergeant At Arms Department with the California State Legislature.


Phillip graduated with an Associates and Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration. 


Phillip takes his career and business very seriously, as it is his fathers legacy he is carrying on, but family takes priority over anything for him. He patterns his life after his parents, who raised him and eight brothers and sisters. During downtime, all of Phillip's time and energy are dedicated to his beautiful wife Karly and their two children, Anthony and Gabriella.