Greg Defazio

Gregory DeFazio is the heart and soul of DeFazio Painting. He is the reason why DeFazio Painting has been able to expand year after year. Greg is the youngest of nine children. He has always had the dedication and work ethic like no other. His willingness to work hard has put him far above anyone else in his age group.

    During his childhood years, Greg was full of energy. This actually was why Greg was so capable of completing enormous tasks. He once set his mind to becoming a marathon runner. He went from barely completing a sub ten-minute mile to being able to compete in marathons. Eventually he got his mile down to five minutes flat. It was then that his parents and siblings knew Greg had a bright future.

    When Greg turned 17 years of age, he began working for the Nob Hills family corporation. He started out as a courtesy clerk, which is an entry-level position. After a short time, Greg was pulled aside by the store manager. The manager had informed him that he would most likely not pass the probationary period of their employment and would be let go. Greg was able to turn that into motivation. A month later, the same manager pulled him aside to offer him a fulltime position. He later went on to earn a promotion to meat cutter and earned a good living.

    Greg’s father passed away unexpectedly during the year of 2010, which had an enormous impact on his life. Greg was very close with his father and had the best father/son relationship anyone could ask for.

    Greg’s family made a courageous decision to continue their fathers business after he passed. His siblings all knew that Greg was the main person that had the ability to pickup where his father left off. Greg not only demonstrated that he could learn to paint, he demonstrated that he could take the business to new heights. He eventually resigned from the Nob Hills Corporation to run his fathers business full time. Today, he is the main crew leader and job manager of the entire business.