George & Lori Defazio

George DeFazio is the founder of DeFazio Painting. George worked many years to finally get his company to the point where he could rely on it as a full source of income in order to provide for his family. He came from a family of 10 brothers and sisters. George looked up to his father his entire life and always told himself that one day he would have as many children as his father. Well, George did just that. He met his wife when he was 19 years old and from there, neither of them looked back. They married young and eventually had nine children. George was a family man just like his father and always made sure his wife and kids came first. He took after his father by learning how to not only be a man, but how to be a true father and support a large family.

    Whether it was it was taking his children to school or getting them to basketball or football practice, George would get them there, while Lori stayed home to take care of their younger children. Occasionally, George Would go to work after he dropped the kids off at school, leave work to pick them up from school, then head straight back to work to finish the job he started in the morning. Raising nine children is not an easy task for anyone, but he managed to do it as good as his father raised him. George’s Children looked up to him, especially his sons, who would one day be running the business he created.

    George passed away during September of 2010 unexpectedly from a heart attack. He was only 54 years old. His kids took it hard and it was a major obstacle in all of their lives; however, they all came together and used the strength he gave them to continue his legacy and be happy.