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About us

DeFazio Painting is a well established business specializing in painting interior and/or exterior residential and commercial properties. The business began nearly thirty five years ago when George Masi DeFazio pursued his career in becoming a painter. He worked very hard to promote and expand his business until he could rely on it to support his family of nine children.
    There were many trials and struggles throughout his time as a business owner, but he managed to get the business steady enough to provide for his family that he cherished so much. He would work long strenuous hours and sometimes arrive home after midnight.
    Once DeFazio Painting was established, George added employees to work beside him. These employees usually consisted of his brothers and friends. They all worked together, until eventually his painting partners had families and careers of their own. Eventually he was back running his business as a sole proprietor. 
    During September of 2010, George DeFazio passed away unexpectedly at 54 years of age. In an effort to continue his legacy, George's wife Lori, his brothers, and his children picked up where he left off, which would later prove to be a very difficult task. Continuing George's legacy and attempting to run a well established business was filled with struggles, until a few years later when his family started to catch on. Eventually, Greg and Phillip DeFazio, George's two youngest sons, began running the entire business on their own and still are to this day. 
    Today, Greg and Phillip are partners in the business and plan on continuing their fathers legacy for years to come.
    DeFazio Painting specializes in interior and exterior residential and commercial properties. In Addition, DeFazio painting is consisted of highly skilled custom painters that get the job done correctly and will make just about anything look brand new for an affordable rate.
    Additional services provided consist of; cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing, texturing, drywall and mudding, pressure washing, stripping old paint, sanding damaged wood, replacing dry rot or infected wood, and many more.
    In addition to the services provided above, DeFazio painting also does interior professional deep cleanings, trash or junk haul away, and sub contract with top notch flooring companies to install any type of flooring you prefer.
    Our highly skilled painters will all work with you and provide free on the spot color consultations and design idea that best fit your needs.
    Upon request, references can be provided. Furthermore, check out our yelp and Facebook pages to see photos of our work. There are many positive reviews online to help you make your decision. DeFazio Painting holds a five star rating with yelp.

Where it all began, in 1977. A man, his truck, his brushes and a vision.